Benjamin Hanson


Benjamin Hanson

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Current Status

What is Benjamin doing right now?

  • Benjamin is preparing for the start of the school year. Site updates will be on pause until the end of the semester.

Previous Statuses
From the 2021 Illinois Bach Academy, where I preformed in the Young Artist program.

News & Blog

  • Interview with Donald Nally
    Interview with Donald Nally

    This is an article I wrote for the UIUC Choral Department spring 2021 newsletter, first published 3/3/21. My thanks to Donald Nally for taking time to respond to some questions about his career and The Crossing's recent successes in the context of the pandemic.

  • Dolphin blog
    Dolphin blog

    Random musings and a stock photo of a dolphin

  • Test post #2
    Test post #2

    Test test test this is a tetst

  • Hello world!
    Hello world!

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